Email: louis.delaive@umons.ac.be
Phone: +32 (0)65 37 38 39


Louis Delaive obtained a Master’s degree in 2019 in the field of organic chemistry at the University of Mons. His master’s thesis was a collaboration between the Laboratory for Chemistry on Novel Materials (CMN) and the Laboratory of Organic Synthesis and Mass Spectrometry (S2MOs Professor Pascal Gerbaux).

After graduation, he joined the CMN group as a new PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Roberto Lazzaroni and Prof. Patrick Brocorens. He is working in the frame of a multidisciplinary project aiming at controlling the crystallization process of organic materials using functionalized substrates. His activities focus on force-field calculations of organic bulk crystalline systems and their interfaces with complex substrates, comparing the results of modeling with experimental data.