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Mathieu Fossépré studied Chemistry at the University of Namur (Belgium). In January 2016, he received a PhD from the same university entitled “On the intrinsic flexibility of the µ opioid receptor through multiscale modeling approaches” under the supervision of Prof. Daniel P. Vercauteren (University of Namur, Belgium) and Prof. Aatto Laaksonen (Stockholm University, Sweden). This work resulted in the development of original multiscale models aimed at describing the modularity and the spatial hierarchy of the flexibility properties of the µ opioid receptor (µOR), a key protein in the medical field as the target of most used anesthesia.

After a short term project on the dimerization of fluorescent proteins studied with Brownian Dynamics simulations, still in the University of Namur, he has joined the University of Mons as Postdoctoral fellow in June 2016. His main research topics deal with the study of molecular interactions between polymers and DNA chains using molecular simulations techniques at different spatial resolutions (all-atom, coarse-grained, hybrid). Since 2018, he is involved in a project aimed at the design of sequence-defined polymers for catalysis but also to promote antibody-recruiting processes, an emerging paradigm for the treatment of cancer.

A few relevant publications of the past five years

On the modularity of the intrinsic flexibility of the µ opioid receptor: a computational study.

Fossépré M., Leherte L., Laaksonen A., Vercauteren D.P., PLoS ONE 9 (2014), e115856.

Multiscale design of coarse-grained elastic network-based potentials for the µ opioid receptor.

Fossépré M., Leherte L., Laaksonen A., Vercauteren D.P., J. Mol. Mod. (2016), 22, 227.

Photomodulation of DNA-templated supramolecular assemblies

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Self-assembly and chiroptical properties in supramolecular complexes of adenosine phosphates and guanidinium-bispyrene

Trévisan M., Fossépré M., Paolantoni D., Rubio-Magnieto J., Dumy P., Ulrich S., Surin M., Chirality (2018), 30, 719.