Lionel DERUE




Lionel Derue graduated inPhysics from the University of Mons in 2010. He obtainedhis PhD in engineering physics at the University of Bordeaux in 2013. His main researchtopic was the development of cross-linkable systems to improve the thermal stabilityof organic solar cells. He then moved to Ecole Polytechnique in Paris as apostdoctoral researcher where he worked on all solution-processed OLEDs. From March2015, he joined the Materia Nova Research Center staff to develop white-emittingLEDs with hybrid architectures. His research interests include deviceengineering and device physics in organic optoelectronics.


A few relevant publications:


Thermal stabilization ofpolymer-fullerene bulk heterojunction morphology for efficient photovoltaicsolar cells

L. Derue, O. Dautel, A.Tournebize, M. Drees, H. Pan, S. Berthumeyrie, B. Pavageau, E. Cloutet, S.Chambon, L. Hirsch, A. Rivaton, P. Hudhomme, A. Facchetti, and G. Wantz.

Advanced Materials 26 (2014)5831-5838


Cross-linkable C60-fullerenederivatives for efficient thermal stabilization of polymer bulk-heterojunctionsolar cells

A. Diacon, L. Derue, C.Lecourtier, O. Dautel, G. Wantz, and P. Hudhomme.

Journal of Materials Chemistry2 (2014) 7163-7167


A solvent additive to enhancethe efficiency and the thermal stability of polymer: fullerene solar cells

L. Derue, C. Lecourtier, T.Gorisse, L. Hirsch, O. Dautel, and G. Wantz

RSC Advances 5 (2015)3840-3843


Stabilizing polymer-based bulkheterojunction solar cells via crosslinking

G. Wantz, L. Derue, O. Dautel,A. Rivaton, P. Hudhomme, and C. Dagron-Lartigau

Polymer International 63(2014) 1346-1361


Enhanced thermal stability oforganic solar cells by using photolinkable end-capped polythiopenes

S. Khiev, L. Derue, G. Ayenew,H. Medlej, R. Brown, L. Rubatat, R. C. Hiorns, G. Wantz, and C. Dagron-Lartigau

Polymer Chemistry 4 (2013)4145-4150