Seminar - 26-10-2016

On October 26th at 11.00 in the Mendeleev building (CMN coffee room), we will have the pleasure to listen to Dr Paul KOUWER (from Radbout University, The Netherlands) who will give a seminar entitled "Ultraresponsive soft materials : synthetic hydrogels that behaves biologically"

Seminar - 20-10-2016

On October 20th at 11.00 in the Linus Pauling room, Dr Cyril Poriel (University of Rennes, France) will give a seminar entitled : "Design of Bridged Oligophenylenes : Modulation of the Electronic Properties and Applications in OLEDs

Seminar - 28-10-2016

On October 28th at 11.00 am in the Linus Pauling room (Mendeleev Building), Corentin Decroo, Glenn Carroy, and Quentin Duez will give a seminar entitled "Ion mobility vs Molecular Modelling : How to approach the gas phase ion structures ?"