Latest Publications

Contactless Control of Local Surface Buckling in Photoaligned Gold/Liquid Crystal Polymer Bilayers

L.T. de Haan, T.J.J. Willigers, L.E.A. Wijkhuijs, M. Hendrikx, C.T. Nguyen, Ph. Leclère, A.E.J. Souren, G. Zhou, M.G. Debije
Langmuir 34 (2018) 10543-10549

Improving the Performance of Batteries by Using Multi-Pyrene PTMA Structures

N. Hergué, B. Ernould, A. Minoia, R. Lazzaroni, J.F. Gohy, P. Dubois, O. Coulembier
Batteries&Supercaps 1 (2018) 102-109

Do Carbon Nanotubes Improve the Thermomechanical Properties of Benzoxazine Thermosets ?

S. Saiev, L. Bonnaud, L. Dumas, T. Zhang, Ph. Dubois, D. Beljonne, R. Lazzaroni
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 10 (2018) 26669-26677

Modeling and Measuring Viscoelasticity With Dynamic Atomic Force Microscopy

P.A. Thoren, R. Borgani, D. Forchheimer, I. Dobryden, P.M. Claesson, H.G. Kassa, Ph. Leclère, Y. Wang, H.M. Jaeger, D.B. Haviland
Physical Review Applied 10 (2018) 024017

Synthesis and Photophysical Studies of a Multivalent Photoreactive RuII-calix[4]arene Complex Bearing RGD-containing Cyclopentapeptides

S. Kajouj, L. Marcelis, A. Mattiuzzi, A. Grassin, Damien Dufour, P. Van Antwerpen, D. Boturyn, E. Defrancq, M. Surin, J. De Winter, P. Gerbaux, I. Jabin, C. Moucheron
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 14 (2018) 1758-1768

Bilayer Solvent and Vapor-Triggered Actuators Made of Cross-linked Polymer Architectures via Diels-Alder Pathways

A. Toncheva, B. Willocq, F. Khelifa, O. Douhéret, P. Lambert, Ph. Dubois, J.M. Raquez.
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 5 (2017) 5556-5563

A Scanning Probe Microscopy Study of Nanostructured TiO2/poly(3-hexylthiophene) Hybrid Heterojunctions for Photovoltaic Applications

L. Letertre, R. Roche, O. Douhéret, H.G. Kassa, D. Mariolle, N. Chevalier, L. Borowik, P. Dumas, B. Grévin, R. Lazzaroni, Ph. Leclère
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 9 (2018) 2087-2096

The Structural and Chemical Basis of Temporary Adhesion in the Sea Star Asterina Gibbosa

B. Lengerer, M. Bonneel, M. Lefevre, E. Hennebert, Ph. Leclère, E. Gosselin, P. Ladurner, P. Flammang
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 9 (2018) 2071-2086

Vibrationally Assisted Intersystem Crossing in Benchmark Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Molecules

E.W. Evans, Y. Olivier, Y. Puttisong, W.K. Myers, T.J.H. Hele, S.M. Menke, T.H. Thomas, D. Credgington, D. Beljonne, R.H. Friend, N.C. Greenham
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9 (2018) 4053-4058

Collective Molecular Switching in Hybrid Superlattices for Light-Modulated Two-Dimensional Electronics

M. Gobbi, S. Bonacchi, J.X. Lian, A. Vercouter, S. Bertolazzi, B. Zyska, M. Timpel, R. Tatti,Y. Olivier, S. Hecht, M.V. Nardi, D. Beljonne, E. Orgiu, P. Samori.
Nature Communications 9 (2018) 2661

Kinked Silicon Nanowires-Enabled Interweaving Electrode Configuration for Lithium-Ion Batteries

G. Sandu, M. Coulombier, V. Kumar, H.G. Kassa, I. Avram, R. Ye, A. Stopin, D. Bonifazi, J.F. Gohy, P. Leclère, X. Gonze, T. Pardoen, A. Vlad, S. Melinte
Scientific Reports 8 (2018) 9794

Tuning the Optoelectronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Hybrid Perovskite Semiconductors with Alkyl Chain Spacers

C. Quarti, N. Marchal, D. Beljonne
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9 (2018) 3416-3424

Multimodal Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy and Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy Investigations of Organolead Tribromide Perovskite Single Crystals

Y. Almadori, D. Moerman, J. Llacer Martinez, Ph. Leclère, B. Grévin
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 9 (2018) 1695-1704

Crystal Step Edges can Trap Electrons on the Surfaces of N-Type Organic Semiconductors

T. He, Y. Wu, G. D’Avino, E. Schmidt, M. Stolte, J. Cornil, D. Beljonne, P.P Ruden, F. Würthner, C.D. Frisbie
Nature Communications 9 (2018) 2141

Impact of Triplet Excited States on the Open-Circuit Voltage of Organic Solar Cells

J. Benduhn, F. Piersimoni, G. Londi, A. Kirch, J. Widmer, C. Koerner, D. Beljonne, D. Neher, D. Spoltore, K. Vandewal
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (2018) 1800451

Hot-Hole Cooling Controls the Initial Ultrafast Relaxation in Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite

G.J. Hedley, C. Quarti, J. Harwell, O.V. Prezhdo, D. Beljonne, I.D.W. Samuel
Scientific Reports 8 (2018) 8115

Dynamic Photo-Switching of Electron Energy Levels at Hybrid ZnO/Organic Photochromic Molecule Junctions

Q. Wang, G. Ligorio, V. Diez Cabanes, D. Cornil, B. Kobin, J. Hildebrandt, M.V. Nardi, M. Timpel, S. Hecht, J. Cornil, E.J.W. List-Kratochvil, N. Koch
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (2018) 1800716

Discrimination of Positional Isomers by Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry: Application to Organic Semiconductors

Q. Duez, M. Romain, C. Tonneaux, J. De Winter, V. Lemaur, J. Cornil, C. Poriel, P. Gerbaux
Analytical Methods 10 (2018) 2303-2306

Self-Assembly and Chiroptical Properties in Supramolecular Complexes of Adenosine Phosphates and Guanidinium-bispyrene

M. Trévisan, M. Fossépré, D. Paolantoni, J. Rubio-Magnieto, P. Dumy, S. Ulrich, M. Surin
Chirality 30 (2018) 719-729

Unusual Electromechanical Response in Rubrene Single Crystals

M. Matta, M.J. Pereira, S.M. Gali, D. Thuau, Y. Olivier, A. Briseno, I. Dufour, C. Ayela, G. Wantz, L. Muccioli
Materials Horizons 5 (2018) 41-50

N-doped Cycloparaphenylenes: Tuning Electronic Properties for Applications in Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence

C. Graham, M. Moral, L. Muccioli, Y. Olivier, A.J. Perez-Jimenez, J.C. Sancho Garcia
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 118 (2018) 25562

Measurements of Ambipolar Seebeck Coefficients in High-Mobility Diketopyrrolopyrrole Donor-Acceptor Copolymers

K. Broch, D. Venkateshvaran, V. Lemaur, Y. Olivier, D. Beljonne, M. Zelazny, I. Nasrallah, D.J. Harkin, M. Statz, R. Di Pietro, A.J. Kronemeijer, H. Sirringhaus
Advanced Electronic Materials 3 (2018) 1700225

HOMO Level Pinning in Molecular Junctions: Joint Theoretical and Experimental Evidence

S. Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Z. Xie, O. Galangau, P. Selvanathan, L. Norel, C. Van Dyck, K. Costuas, D. Frisbie, S. Rigaut, J. Cornil
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9 (2018) 2394-2403

Carbene-Metal-Amide Bond Deformation, Rather Than Ligand Rotation, Drives Delayed Fluorescence

E.J. Taffet, Y. Olivier, F. Lam, D. Beljonne, G.D. Scholes
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9 (2018) 1620-1626

Modeling the Formation and Thermomechanical Properties of Polybenzoxazine Thermosets

S. Saiev, L. Bonnaud, P. Dubois, D. Beljonne, R. Lazzaroni
Polymer Chemistry 8 (2017) 5988-5999

Energy Level Alignment at Interfaces Between Au(111) and Thiolated Oligophenylenes of Increasing Chain Size: Theoretical Evidence of Pinning Effects

V. Diez-Cabanes, S. Rodriguez-Gonzalez, S. Osella, D. Cornil, C. Van Dyck, J. Cornil
Advanced Theory and Simulations 1 (2018) 1700020

Robust Singlet Fission in Pentacene Thin Films with Tuned Charge Transfer Interactions

K. Broch, J. Dieterle, F. Branchi, N.J. Hestand, Y. Olivier, H. Tamura, C. Cruz, V.M. Nichols, A. Hinderhofer, D. Beljonne, F.C. Spano, G. Cerullo, C.J. Bardeen, F. Schreiber
Nature Communications 9 (2018) 954

Correlated Electron-Hole Mechanism for Molecular Doping in Organic Semiconductors

J. Li, G. D’Avino, A. Pershin, D. Jacquemin, I. Duchemin, D. Beljonne, X. Blase
Physical Review Materials 1 (2017) 025602

Flying Cages in Traveling Wave Ion Mobility: Influence of the Instrumental Parameters on the Topology of the Host-Guest Complexes

G. Carroy, V. Lemaur, C. Henoumont, S. Laurent, J. De Winter, E. De Pauw, J. Cornil, P. Gerbaux
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 29 (2017) 121-132

Supramolecular Assemblies of DNA/Conjugated Polymers

J. Knoops, J. Rubio-Magnieto, S. Richeter, S. Clément, M. Surin
Conjugated Polymers and Oligomers: Structural and Soft Matter Aspects 9 (2018) 139-157

Modélisation Théorique de la Conductivité Thermique de Réseau de Semiconducteurs Organiques

A. Vercouter, V. Lemaur, J. Idé, L. Muccioli, D. Beljonne, J. Cornil
Chimie Nouvelle 125 (2018) 1-8

How Methylammonium Cations and Chlorine Dopants Heal Defects in Lead Iodide Perovskites

G. Nan, X. Zhang, M. Abdi-Jalebi, Z. Andaji-Garmaroudi, S.D. Stranks, G. Lu, D. Beljonne
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (2018) 1702754

Rotator Side Chains Trigger Cooperative Transition for Shape and Function Memory Effect in Organic Semiconductors

H. Chung, D. Dudenko, F. Zhang, G. d’Avino, C. Ruzié, A. Richard, G. Schweicher, J. Cornil, D. Beljonne, Y. Geerts, Y. Diao
Nature Communications 9 (2018) 278

Mechanochemical Synthesis of PEDOT:PSS Hydrogels for Aqueous Formulation of Li-Ion Battery Electrodes

G. Sandu, B. Ernould, J. Rolland, N. Cheminet, J. Brassinne, P.R. Das, Y. Filinchuk, L. Cheng, L. Komsiyska, Ph. Dubois, S. Melinte, J.F. Gohy, R. Lazzaroni, A. Vlad
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 9 (2017) 34865-34874

Probing Halogen-Halogen Interactions in Solution

V. Ayzac, M. Raynal, B. Isare, J. Idé, P. Brocorens, R. Lazzaroni, T. Etienne, A. Monari, X. Assfeld, L. Bouteiller
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (2017) 32443-32450

Photomodulation of DNA-Templated Supramolecular Assemblies

J. Rubio-Magnieto, T.A. Phan, M. Fossépré, V. Matot, J. Knoops, T. Jarrosson, P. Dumy, F. Serein-Spirau, C. Niebel, S. Ulrich, M. Surin
Chemistry: A European Journal 24 (2018) 706-714

Nano-Mechanical Properties of Interphases in Dynamically Vulcanized Thermoplastic Alloy

H.G. Kassa, J. Stuyver, A.J. Bons, D.B. Haviland, P.A. Thoren, R. Borgani, D. Forchheimer, and Ph. Leclère
Polymer 135 (2018) 348-354

Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Enantiopure and Racemic Helicenes at the Liquid/Solid Interface: from 2D to 3D

H. Cao, A. Minoia, I. De Cat, J. Seibel, D. Waghray, Z. Li, D. Cornil, K.S. Mali, R. Lazzaroni, W. Dehaen, S. De Feyter
Nanoscale 9 (2017) 18075-18080

Nature of the Singlet and Triplet Excitations Mediating Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence

Y. Olivier, B. Yurash, L. Muccioli, G. D’Avino, O. Mikhnenko, J.C. Sancho-Garcia, C. Adachi, T.Q. Nguyen, D. Beljonne
Physical Review Materials 1 (2017) 075602

Accurate Description of Charged Excitations in Molecular Solids from Embedded Many-Body Perturbation Theory

J. Li, G. D’Avino, I. Duchemin, D. Beljonne, X. Blase
Physical Review B 97 (2018) 035108

Simple Donor-Acceptor Molecule with Long Exciton Diffusion Length for Organic Photovoltaics

Y.N. Luponosov, A.N. Solodukhin, O.V. Kozlov, B. Flament, O. Douhéret, P. Viville, D. Beljonne, R. Lazzaroni, J. Cornil, M.S. Pshenichnikov, S.A. Ponomarenko
Organic Electronics 53 (2018) 185-190

Probing the Interaction Between 2-2′-bithiophene-5-carboxylic acid and TiO2 by Photoelectron Spectroscopy: A Joint Experimental and Theoretical Study

J. Dervaux, P.A. Cormier, C. Struzzi, M. Scardamaglia, C. Bittencourt, L. Petaccia, D. Cornil, L. Lasser, D. Beljonne, J. Cornil, R. Lazzaroni, R. Snyders
Journal of Chemical Physics 147 (2017) 244704

Edge Functionalization of Structurally Defined Graphene Nanoribbons for Modulating the Self-Assembled Structures

A. Keerthi, B. Radha, D. Rizzo, H. Lu, V. Diez-Cabanes, I.C.Y. Hou, D. Beljonne, J. Cornil, C. Casiraghi, M. Baumgarten, K. Müllen, A. Narita
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (2017) 16454-16457

Influence of the Nature of the Anchoring Group on Electron Injection Processes at Dye-Titania Interfaces

I. Arbouch, D. Cornil, Y. Karzazi, B. Hammouti, R. Lazzaroni, J. Cornil
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (2017) 29389-29401

Origin of DNA-Induced Circular Dichroism in a Minor-Groove Binder

N.H. List, J. Knoops, J. Rubio-Magnieto, J. Idé, D. Beljonne, P. Norman, M. Surin, M. Linares
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (2017) 14947-14953

Transfer of Chiral Information from a Chiral Solvent to a Two-dimensional Network

I. Destoop, A. Minoia, O. Ivasenko, A. Noguchi, K. Tahara, Y. Tobe, R. Lazzaroni, S. De Feyter
Faraday Discussions 204 (2017) 215-231

Polymers for Traveling Wave Ion Mobility Spectrometry Calibration

Q. Duez, F. Chirot, R. Liénard, T. Josse, C.M. Choi, O. Coulembier, Ph. Dugourd, J. Cornil, P. Gerbaux, J. De Winter
Journal of the American Chemical Society for Mass Spectrometry 28 (2017) 2483-2491

Toward a new and noninvasive diagnostic method of papillary thyroid cancer by using peptide vectorized contrast agents targeted to galectin-1

D. Fantone, N. Despretz, D. Stanicki, J. Rubio-Magnieto, M. Fossépré, M. Surin, S. Rorive, I. Salmon, L. Vander Elst, S. Laurent, R.N. Muller, S. Saussez, C. Burtea
Medical Oncology 34 (2017) 184

One-Pot Self-Assembly of Peptide-Based Cage-Type Nanostructures Using Orthogonal Ligations

E. Bartolami, J. Knoops, Y. Bessin, M. Fossépré, J. Chamieh, P. Dumy, M. Surin, S. Ulrich
Chemistry: A European Journal 23 (2017) 14323-14331

3D Orientational Control in Self-Assembled Thin Films with Sub-5nm Features by Light

K. Nickmans, G.M. Bögels, C. Sanchez-Somolinos, J.N. Murphy, Ph. Leclère, I..K. Voets, A.P.H.J. Schenning
Small 13 (2017) 1701043

Highly Luminescent 2D-Type Slab Crystals Based on a Molecular Charge-Transfer Complex as Promising Organic Light-Emitting Transistor Materials

S.K. Park, J.H. Kim, T. Ohto, R. Yamada, A.O.F. Jones, D.R. Whang, I. Cho, S. Oh, S.H. Hong, J.E. Kwon, J.H. Kim, Y. Olivier, R. Fischer, R. Resel, J. Gierschner, H. Tada, S. Y. Park
Advanced Materials 29 (2017) 1701346

Synthesis of Nanostructured Ti Thin Films by Combining Glancing Angle Deposition and Magnetron Sputtering: A Joint Experimental and Modeling Study

J. Dervaux, P.A. Cormier, P. Moskovkin, O. Douhéret, S. Konstantinidis, R. Lazzaroni, S. Lucas, R. Snyders.
Thin Solid Films 636 (2017) 644-657

WC/C:H Films Synthesized by an Hybrid Reactive Magnetron Sputtering/Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Process: An Alternative to Cr (VI) Based Hard Chromium Plating

C. Nouvellon, R. Belchi, L. Libralesso, O. Douhéret, R. Lazzaroni, R. Snyders, D. Thiry
Thin Solid Films 630 (2017) 79-85

Structural and Spectroscopic Properties of Assemblies of Self-Replicating Peptide Macrocyles

P.W.M. Frederix, J. Idé, Y. Altay, G. Schaaffer, M. Surin, D. Beljonne, A.S. Bondarenko, T.L.C. Jansen, S. Otto, S.J. Marrink
ACS Nano 11 (2017) 7858-7868

Reactive Oligo(dimethylsiloxane) Mesogens and their Nanostructured Thin Films

K. Nickmans, Ph. Leclère, J. Lub, D.J. Broer, A.P.H.J. Schenning.
Soft Matter 13 (2017) 4357-4362

Light-Responsive Hierarchically Structured Liquid Crystal Polymer Networks for Harnessing Cell Adhesion and Migration

G. Koçer, J. ter Schiphorst, M. Hendrikx, H.G. Kassa, Ph. Leclère, A.P.H.J. Schenning, P. Jonkheijm
Advanced Materials 29 (2017) 1606407

The Entangled Triplet Pair State in Acene and Heteroacene Materials

C.K. Yong, A.J. Musser, S.L. Bayliss, S. Lukman, H. Tamura, O. Bubnova, R.K. Hallani, A. Meneau, R. Resel, M. Maruyama, S. Hotta, L.M. Herz, D. Beljonne, J.E. Anthony, J. Clark, H. Sirringhaus
Nature Communications 8 (2017) 15953

Potential of Polymethacrylate Pseudo Crown Ether as Solid State Polymer Electrolytes

S. Moins, J.C. Martins, A. Krumpmann, V. Lemaur, J. Cornil, N. Delbosc, A. Decroly, Ph. Dubois, R. Lazzaroni, J.F. Gohy, O. Coulembier
Chemical Communications 53 (2017) 6899-6902

Dynamic Nature of Excited States of Donor-Acceptor TADF Materials for OLEDs: How Theory Can Reveal Structure-Property Relationships

Y. Olivier, M. Moral, L. Muccioli, J.C. Sancho Garcia
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 5 (2017) 5718-5729

New Photomechanical Molecular Switch Based on a Linear p-Conjugated System

S. Lenfant, Y. Viero, C. Krzeminski, D. Vuillaume, D. Demeter, I. Dobra, M. Oçafrain, P. Blanchard, J. Roncali, C. Van Dyck, J. Cornil
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (2017) 12416-12425

Role of Edge Engineering in Photoconductivity of Graphene Nanoribbons

I. Ivanov, Y. Hu, S. Osella, U. Beser, H.I. Wang, D. Beljonne, A. Narita, K. Müllen, D. Turchinovich, M. Bonn
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (2017) 7982-7988

Which Oxide for Low-Emissivity Glasses ? First-Principles Modeling of Silver Adhesion

D. Cornil, H. Wiame, B. Lecomte, J. Cornil, D. Beljonne
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 9 (2017) 18346-18354

Elucidating Batch-to-Batch Variation Caused by Homocoupled Side Products in Solution Processable Organic Solar Cells

T. Vangerven, P. Verstappen, N. Patil, J. D’Haen, I. Cardinaletti, J. Benduhn, N. Van den Brande, M. Defour, V. Lemaur, D. Beljonne, R. Lazzaroni, B. Champagne, K. Vandewal, J.W. Andreasen, P. Adriaensens, D.W. Breiby, B. Van Mele, D. Vanderzande, W. Maes, J. Manca
Chemistry of Materials 28 (2016) 9088-9098

Estimation of pp Electronic Couplings from Current Measurements

J. Trasobares, J. Rech, T. Jonckeere, T. Martin, O. Aleveque, E. Levillain, V. Diez-Cabanes, Y. Olivier, J. Cornil, J.P. Nys, R. Sivakumarasamy, K. Smaali, Ph. Leclère, A. Fujiwara, D. Théron, D. Vuillaume, N. Clément
Nano Letters 17 (2017) 3215-3224

E.P. Booker, T.H. Thomas, C. Quarti, M.R. Stanton, C.D. Dashwood, A.J. Gillett, J.M. Richter, A.J. Pearson, N.J.L.K. Davis, H. Sirringhaus, M.B. Price, N.C. Greenham, D. Beljonne, S.E. Dutton, F. Deschler