Email: david.cornil@umons.ac.be
Phone: +32 (0) 65 37 38 69


David Cornil graduated in chemistry from the University of Mons (Belgium). He received a Master degree in 2006 and obtained a PhD in Sciences in 2010 under the supervision of Jérôme Cornil on the “Theoretical Description of the Electronic Structure of Metal/Organic Interfaces in Opto-Electronic Devices”.

In october 2010, he joined the group of Prof. Jean-Luc Brédas at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA) as a Postdoctoral fellow. In January 2012 he came back in the Mons group. His research activities are now done in collaboration with the AGC Glass Europe company in the field of low-e glasses.

His works involve theoretical studies (quantum-chemical calculation) of the electronic processes taking place in various interfaces such as organic/metal, organic/oxide and metal/oxide; and their implication in functionalized devices.

A few relevant publications

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