Edoardo RACITI

Email: edoardo.raciti@umons.ac.be
Phone: +32 (0) 65 37 38 39


Edoardo Raciti obtained his Master’s Degree in January 2019 at Sapienza University in Rome under the supervision of Prof. Maria Pia Donzello. The title of Edoardo’s Master’s thesis is “Pyridine/Pyrazine-like coordination observed in Palladium (II) and Platinum (II) complexes of the 2,3-di-(2-pyridil)-5,6-dihydropyrazine (dhdpp)”. Thanks to its externally appended pyrydil ligands, dhdpp is capable of exploiting either the pyridil-like nitrogen atoms or the pyridine- and the pyrazine-like nitrogen atoms. The aim of the work was to find suitable reaction conditions so that only the pyridine/pyrazine coordination could be obtained. This was evaluated by means of elemental analysis, powder diffraction, 1H-NMR, IR and UV-vis. spectroscopy.
At the end of 2019, he joined the Laboratory for Chemistry of Novel Materials at the University of Mons as a Ph.D. Student in a Joint Doctoral Program between the University of Mons, under the supervision of Prof. Roberto Lazzaroni, and the University of Trieste, Italy, under the supervision of Prof. Maurizio Prato. During his stay in Mons, he will carry out modeling activities on carbon nitride-based (photo)catalysts, which are recently discovered materials mostly appreciated for their easy synthetic method, non-toxicity, and absence of metallic elements. This will be estimated by means of DFT and time-dependent-DFT methods in order to evaluate the supramolecular interactions at play in the catalyst-reactant complexes and the energetics required in catalytic light-driven reactions of interest.