Mathilde LEFEVRE

Phone: +32 (0)65 37 37 36


Mathilde Lefevre received a Master degree in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of Mons in 2015 and a Certificate of teaching for upper secondary education in Biology in 2016. Her Master thesis was about the characterization of the main proteins involved in the adhesion of the sea star Asterias rubens. At the beginning of 2017,  she started as a joint PhD student between the Laboratory of Cell Biology and the Laboratory for Chemistry of Novel Materials (UMONS), under the supervision of Dr. Elise Hennebert and Prof. Philippe Leclère.  The main goal of her research is to produced recombinant proteins based on the sequence of the only characterized adhesive protein from sea star and analyzed them from a physico-chemical point of view, with a particular emphasis on essential functional characteristics such as adsorption and adhesive properties via scanning probe microscopy techniques.