M. Sc. Outi Kontkanen works on herdoctoral degree in cooperation between UMons and Tampere University ofTechnology (TUT) and will be staying in Mons from October 2015 until theend of 2017.

She began her PhD studies at TUT in 2013 and started working ondye-sensitized solar cells in Terttu Hukka’s team in 2014.

The focus of herresearch is interactions of p-type dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC) to enhancetandem-type DSSC.
Her academic studies started in University of Joensuu (later University ofEastern Finland, UEF) in 2008.

She graduated as a Bachelor of Science (major:chemistry) at UEF in 2011.

Next year she did her Master thesis (major: physicalchemistry/theoretical inorganic chemistry) in Rennes, France, and graduated asa Master of Science from UEF at the end of the year 2012.Skills and interests:

Physical chemistry, molecular modeling, theoretical chemistry, photochemistry,electronic configuration, mathematics behind chemistry

Work experience:

Teaching assistant in Honors chemistry, TUT 2013-2014
Laboratory assistant in material, inorganic, and physical chemistry, UEF 2012
Research assistant, UEF 2011

Degree Theses:

The Magnetic Properties of Carbon Chain-Containing Di-Iron Organometallic Wires
Revisited Through Ab Inition Calculations (M.Sc., 2012)
Structural Principles of Tetra-, Octa-, and Icosahedral Fulleranes (B.Sc.,2010)