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Patrick Brocorens obtained a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Mons (Belgium) in 2002, studying the morphology of dendrimers by molecular modeling techniques. In 2005, he came back to the Laboratory for Chemistry of Novel Materials as a postdoctoral fellow, and is now senior research scientist. His research activities deal with the organization and structural properties of functional supramolecular assemblies formed in solution, on surfaces, or in crystals, mainly using quantum-chemical methods, force-field simulations, and atomic force microscopy. He mainly studies conjugated molecules and polymers, nanocomposites based on polymer/inorganic and polymer/carbon, and self-assemblies of small organic molecules.

He also created the Belgian section of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and gas (ASPO), an association studying the consequences for Mankind of the peaking and decline of the world oil production.


A few relevant publications of the past five years

A dynamic supramolecular polymer with stimuli-responsive handedness for in situ probing of enzymatic ATP hydrolysis.

M. Kumar, P. Brocorens, C. Tonnele, D. Beljonne, M. Surin, S. J. George; NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 5, 5793, 1-8, 2014

Revisiting the assembly of amino ester-based benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxamides: chiral rods in solution.

A. Desmarchelier, M. Raynal, P. Brocorens, N. Vanthuyne, L. Bouteiller ; CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 51, 7397-7400, 2015

 Tuning the structure of 1,3,5-benzene tricarboxamide self-assemblies through stereochemistry.

X. Caumes X., Baldi A, Gontard G, Brocorens Patrick, Lazzaroni Roberto, Vanthuyne N., Troufflard C., Raynal Matthieu, Bouteiller L.; CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 52, 13369-13372, 2016

 Chiral supramolecular organization and cooperativity in DNA-templated assemblies of ZnII–chromophore complexes.

J. Rubio Magnieto, M. Kumar, P. Brocorens, J. Idé, S. J. George, R. Lazzaroni, M. Surin; CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 52, 13873-13876, 2016

Probing halogen-halogen interactions in solution.

V. Ayzac, M. Raynal, B. Isare, J. Idé, P. Brocorens, R. Lazzaroni, T. Etienne, A. Monari, X. Assfeld, L. Bouteiller ; Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 48, 32443-32450, 2017