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Roberto Lazzaroni received a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Namur (Belgium) in 1987.

After postdoctoral stays at the University of Linköping (with W.R. Salaneck) and at CNR Bologna (with C. Taliani), he joined the group of Jean-Luc Brédas at the University of Mons in 1990 as a fellow of the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS).

He became FNRS Senior Associate in 1997 and Research Director in 2001. In 2003, he joined the staff at the University of Mons, where he is now full professor.

He is also research director at the Materia Nova Research Center in Mons.

His research interests mostly deal with the structure and electronic properties of organic and hybrid supramolecular structures, constructed by self-assembly of functional (macro)molecules.

He is (co)author of over 280 chapter books and papers in international peer-reviewed journals.

A few relevant publications of the past five years

  • Expression of Chirality in Molecular Layers at Surfaces: Insights from Modelling.

M. Linares, A. Minoia, P. Brocorens, D. Beljonne, R. Lazzaroni; Chem. Soc. Rev., 38 (2009) 806–816.

  • Efficient bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cells with a pre-organized poly(3-hexylthiophene) phase.

D. Moerman, R. Lazzaroni, O. Douhéret ; Applied Physics Letters, 99 (2011) 093303.

  • Nanoscale Investigation of the Electrical Properties in Semiconductor Polymer–Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Materials.

S. Desbief, N. Hergué, O. Douhéret, M. Surin, Ph. Dubois, Y. Geerts, R. Lazzaroni, Ph. Leclère; Nanoscale, 4 (2012) 2705-2712.

  • Ageing of organic photovoltaic devices in Benin environment (South-Sudanese climate).

M. Agbomahena, O. Douhéret, B. Kounouhewa, A. Vianou, N. Awanou, R. Lazzaroni ; Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 117 (2013) 93–97.

  • Semi-Metallic Polymers.

O. Bubnova, Z. Ullah Khan, H. Wang, S. Braun,  D.R. Evans, M. Fabretto, P. Hojati-Talemi, D. Dagnelund, J.B. Arlin, Y. Geerts, S. Desbief, D.W. Breiby, J.W.

Andreasen, R. Lazzaroni, W. Chen, I. Zozoulenko, M. Fahlman, P.J. Murphy, M. Berggren, X. Crispin; Nature Materials (2013) 10.1038/nmat3824